Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gwenhidwy Pic

My last post was entitled "I . . . have drawn a brown, orange, and blue Gwenhidwy." So here's the actual picture that I drew, so you guys wouldn't think I'm a liar. Here's the original line, from Gravity's Rainbow:

"Arch, or someone, has drawn a brown, orange, and blue Gwenhidwy carrying a doctor's bag along a flat horizon-line past a green gasworks. The bag's full of gin bottles, Gwenhidwy is smiling, a robin is peeking out from its nest in his beard, and the sky is blue and the sun yellow." If you would like to order prints of this incredible masterpiece, here are prices: 4"x6"- $20.00, 3'x5' - $125.00; and for an exorbitant sum of moneys I will paint this on an entire wall of your house/apt.


Caroline: said...

what on earth is a gwenhidwy? nice pic, though i'm not about to shell out the bucks for a print.

zacharoo said...

Gwenhidwy is a character in the book. And a Gwenhidwy print would be a very smart investment, either for its immense, almost-threatening masterwork, or to sell after I die, which hopefully will not be for a long time.

kmunn said...

will you paint it on my apartment wall? i don't think my roommate will mind.